The European Film Academy announces 21 more films

After 19 feature films have already been chosen as part of the European Film Awards’ Feature Film Selection 2023, the European Film Academy announced 21 further films that have been added to the shortlist for the European Film Awards now comprising 40 strong European feature films.

They have been selected by the European Film Academy Board – consulted by a diverse range of European invited experts. The nominations of the European Film Awards will be revealed on 7 November.

The European Film Awards honour the greatest achievements in European cinema. This year the awards ceremony, presented jointly by the European Film Academy and European Film Academy Productions, takes place on 9 December in Berlin.

With 31 European countries represented – both EU and non-EU, the list of the selected films reflects the excellency of European filmmakers demonstrating the variety, diversity and creativity throughout Europe. This year’s feature film selection presents an increased number of female filmmakers with 18 female directors out of all 43 directors of the 40 selected films.

These are the additional titles in the Feature Film Selection:

  • ANIMAL directed by Sofia Exarchou (Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus)
  • BLAGA’S LESSONS (УРОЦИТЕ НА БЛАГА / UROCITE NA BLAGA) directed by Stephan Komandarev (Bulgaria, Germany)
  • CLUB ZERO directed by Jessica Hausner (Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Qatar)
  • DO NOT EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM THE END OF THE WORLD (NU AȘTEPTA PREA MULT DE LA SFÂRȘITUL LUMII) directed by Radu Jude (Romania, Luxembourg, France, Croatia)
  • EXCURSION (EKSKURZIJA) directed by Una Gunjak (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, France, Norway, Qatar)
  • EXPLANATION FOR EVERYTHING (MAGYARÁZAT MINDENRE) directed by Gábor Reisz (Hungary, Slovakia)
  • GREEN BORDER (ZIELONA GRANICA) directed by Agnieszka Holland (Poland, France, Czech Republic, Belgium)
  • HOLLY directed by Fien Troch (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France)
  • HOUSEKEEPING FOR BEGINNERS (DOMAKINSTVO ZA POCETNICI) directed by Goran Stolevski (North Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Kosovo)
  • ME, CAPTAIN (IO CAPITANO) directed by Matteo Garrone (Italy, Belgium)
  • PARADISE IS BURNING (PARADISET BRINNER) directed by Mika Gustafson (Sweden, Italy, Finland, Denmark)
  • SOCIETY OF THE SNOW (LA SOCIEDAD DE LA NIEVE) directed by J. A. Bayona (Spain)
  • STEPNE (СТЕПНЕ) directed by Maryna Vroda (Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Slovakia)
  • SWEET DREAMS directed by Ena Sendijarević (The Netherlands, Sweden, Réunion, Indonesia)
  • TATAMI directed by Guy Nattiv and Zar Amir Ebrahimi (Georgia, United States)
  • THE POT-AU-FEU (LA PASSION DE DODIN BOUFFANT) directed by Tran Anh Hung (France)
  • THE PROMISED LAND (BASTARDEN) directed by Nikolaj Arcel (Denmark, Germany, Sweden)
  • THE UNIVERSAL THEORY (DIE THEORIE VON ALLEM) directed by Timm Kröger (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • THE VANISHING SOLDIER (החייל הנעלם) directed by Dani Rosenberg (Israel)
  • THE ZONE OF INTEREST directed by Jonathan Glazer (United Kingdom, Poland, United States)
  • WOMAN OF… (KOBIETA Z…) directed by Małgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert (Poland, Sweden)

Please find the list of our Feature Film Selection including the 21 newly added titles as well as further information on all films including synopsis, cast, credits and statements of directors (if available). 

The 4,600 members of the European Film Academy watch the selected films and vote on the nominations. Based on their votes the nominations in the feature film categories ‘European Film’, ‘Director’, ‘Actor’, ‘Actress’ and ‘Screenwriter’ will be made public on 7 November 2023. The winners will be announced at the European Film Awards ceremony in Berlin on 9 December 2023.
The selection is based on the Diversity & Inclusion Standards of the European Film Academy.

The ceremony of the European Film Awards – the most renowned and prestigious award for European film – is presented by the European Film Academy and European Film Academy Production gGmbH.

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