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On Monday, 12 April, at 6pm, we will feature an interview with David Akinsanya, who is leading on the Equality Film Competition, which involves members of the public submitting 1-2 minutes of their experiences of health problems during the pandemic.

The aim of the competition is to help local health providers, such as the NHS, address the biggest problems that have arisen since the pandemic started.

David has worked in broadcasting for 25 years and presented on television for the BBC and Channel 4.

Find out more about how you can enter this competition and the prizes you can win, such as laptops, spa days and bikes. Some prizes are worth up to £500.

Email: if you have any questions, or suggestions for who could be interviewed for the next edition of Colne Radio’s Movie Makers show.

Alternatively, please submit your ideas below:

Top image courtesy of the Equality Film Competition.

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