Rick Baker – Visionary monster maker

Having won seven oscars for his work over the years, there is no doubt that Rick Baker is one of the greatest every special make-up effects artists that has ever lived.

His greatest mentor was Dick Smith, who taught him everything he knew about special make-up effects and inspired Rick to create some of the most artistic inventions ever seen in the world of cinema, which helped to push the bar even higher for other artists to reach.

This includes creating the werewolf for An American Werewolf in London – he won his first Oscar in 1981 for his work on this film. He also worked on Thriller, with Michael Jackson and created the special make-up effects for the different characters that Eddie Murphy performed in Coming to America.

Additionally, he has worked on the Men in Black movies, the Nutty Professor movies, Planet of the Apes, Gremlins and The Wolfman.

Unfortunately, Rick Baker has retired now from the film industry – but you can watch the video below from Tested to find out more about Baker’s work and career.

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