Dick Smith – Legend of make-up effects

Dick Smith is admired and respected throughout the film and TV industry as the “Godfather” of make-up effects, for his impressive catalogue of work over the decades that won him an Oscar for his work on Amadeus.

He is also known for the impressive make-up effects he created for Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man, Marlon Brando in The Godfather, and the work he produced for The Exorcist.

Additionally, he received an Emmy Award for the work he produced for Hal Holbrook to wear in the Mark Twain, Tonight on NBC in 1967.

His methods were groundbreaking and many make-up effects have been inspired by his technique ever since to create some of the most memorable effects in film and TV history.

He was also very good about sharing his knowledge and secrets, in contrast to other artists who wanted to keep it to themselves.

Watch the interview below with Dick Smith by the FoundationINTERVIEWS for the Television Academy Foundation, where he talks about the make-up effects that inspired him when he was young.



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