Netflix reveals exclusive trailer for Girls From Ipanema Season 2

Netflix has revealed the official trailer for the second season of Girls from Ipanema. In the video, we follow the trajectory of each of the main characters after suffering a blow.

With the privilege of a second chance, the quartet also experiences new forms of love, affection and autonomy. And it will be up to the fans of the series to contemplate the dreams, achievements and pains of these women who are so different from each other, yet continue to grow together.

Malu (Maria Casadevall) remains the determined woman, dedicated mother and loyal friend we met in the first season. However, now she has a burning strength, fuelled by a trauma that made her stronger and now without excuses, without filter and uninhibited.

Thereza (Mel Lisboa) chooses to dedicate her life to taking care of her family and her house. But she soon realises that she is missing another type of accomplishment: work (this time in a radio channel).

Before getting married, Adélia (Pathy Dejesus) thinks a lot about her childhood and her father, Duke (Val Perré). She wants to start fresh with Capitão (Ícaro Silva) and move forward with her life. Meanwhile, her sister Ivone (Larissa Nunes) goes from a typical teenager to a talented aspiring artist who, with Malu’s help, will have the chance to prove her abilities to an industry dominated by men.

The trailer also introduces the actor Alejandro Claveaux in the role of Wagner, Thereza’s new co-worker, and Breno Ferreira as Miltinho, a talented football player who is a longtime friend of the Captain; in addition to new locations such as the iconic Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio de Janeiro and Casa do Povo in São Paulo, which hosts Rádio Brasileira in the series.

The ambitious music producer Roberto (Gustavo Machado) and the gallant singer Chico (Leandro Lima) are also back, this time both taking Malu’s breath away. Nelson (Alexandre Cioletti), on the other hand, embraces the role of a father and starts to share with Thereza the responsibilities of caring for his daughter Conceição, the result of his old relationship with Adélia.

There will be six 50-minute episodes, which were executive produced by Beto Gauss and Francesco Civita, as in the first season. The show is created by Heather Roth and Giuliano Cedroni. Roth is also the writer alongside Patricia Corso and Mariana Tesch. The general director is Caito Ortiz, with Julia Rezende in charge of part of the episodes.

About Prodigo Films

Prodigo Films is a Brazilian production company, specialised in film, television, and advertising for the past 25 years. It’s known for Girls from Ipanema, fictional series developed for Netflix, SOB, an award-winning series for HBO, and is currently in post-production with Invisible City, Carlos Saldanha’s Brazilian folklore fantasy series, also for Netflix. Prodigo produced the feature films Jules and Dolores, winner of Best Film and Audience Award at the 29th SXSW, and The Hour and Turn of Augusto Matraga, 5 awards winner at the 12th Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. In 2018, Prodigo produced and released Florianópolis Dream, which won 3 awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

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