Diversity in the news

Read about the latest stories on diversity to hit the news, including articles about women, people with disabilities and minorities:

Can we all just stop banging on about diversity in films? – The Guardian, 24/04/2018
Black Panther film: ‘Game-changing’ movie takes $1bn – BBC, 11/03/2018
“Never retreat’: all-female band Yegna bring girl power to Ethiopia – The Guardian, 06/03/2018
Rachel Shenton rules Oscars 2018: Ex Hollyoaks actress wins The Silent Child and gives acceptance speech in sign language – Evening Standard, 05/03/2018
‘Shape of Water’ Wins Best Picture as Oscars Project Diversity – New York Times, 05/03/2018
Young Brixton activists recreate film posters with black leads – The Guardian, 03/03/2018
Disability community deserves more viability in Hollywood – Variety  – 01/03/2018
One female director for every 22 men: Hollywood’s stark diversity problem – The Guardian – 04/01/2018
How can TV and movies get representation right? – Vox – 28/08/2017

Photo caption: Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER..Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther/T’Challa) BTS on set. Photo credit: Matt Kennedy..©Marvel Studios 2018

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